The Cape Cod highball: vodka, cranberry juice, lime slice.

It's not a cocktail because it's really only two ingredients. So it's a highball.
The Cape Cod Highball: cranberry juice, vodka, lime slice

I hope you’re ready for a series of entries on the Cape Codder and its variations. For the next few, we will go through all of them, so make sure you stock up on cranberry juice and grapefruits.

For my money, the Cade Cod is the drink for warm summer evenings (or mornings, when you’re on vacation). It is easily one of the most sip-easy drinks in the entirety cocktail-dom. And the best thing about it is that it is easy. And I mean easy.

There is some debate about the proportions of the drink, and I tend to like mine on the sweeter side. The drink is only vodka and cranberry juice, so some people recommend a 1:1 ratio while others recommend a 1:3 ratio of vodka to cranberry. Me, I like a 1:2.5 ratio.

The Cape Cod Highball Recipe

In a highball glass, combine

  • 1.5 oz. vodka
  • 4 oz. cranberry
  • lime wedge, garnish

What I like about the Cape Cod and most of its Cape Codder variations is that they don’t taste like alcohol. In general, I don’t particularly like the taste of vodka, so I don’t want to taste it. Yes, it’s a weird thing about me and vodka. It’s not like with some people and their aversion to tequila. I will drink vodka, yes, I will. But I don’t usually want to drink it straight unless it is really good vodka, like Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

So the Cape Cod is my drink. The cranberry is a bit tart but also sweet, and it pairs very well with its vodka counterpart.

For next time, we try the Sea Breeze.

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