Ode to a Martini: my poem about the delights of gin

The martini may be my favorite cocktail. I like nearly all of the variations, so I decided to write a poem for this amazing drink: 

Ode to a Martini

Be gone, my vodka friends, and let me be
With gin, vermouth, and lemon slice.
Try an olive, one, two or three.
Clarity pure when stirred with ice.
The dry one, with a dash or maybe two,
The perfect, with a splash of sweet and dry,
The dirty, with its half-measure olive brine:
Make a martini for me, and one for you.
Choose your type: a dirty low or vesper high.
Any way is fine, as long as it’s mine.
I do have to admit that the dry martini is not my favorite. What I still like about it is its clarity. Not only does the drink look like a clear glass of water, but it actually tastes clear. There’s flavor there, no doubt, but the tastes are very simple and understated. With a good gin, it goes down very smooth. And the lemon adds a lovely nose.

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