My Wife’s Review of Absolut Peppar

“It’s like licking the boot of someone who’s been stomping on habaneros!”

For me, Peppar is the essence of the Bloody Mary. When I taste the peppers in this drink, I am immediately reminded of  the tomato drink. It’s the same flavor and aroma I get from my own jalapeno-infused tequila.

I even like to use it in vodka martinis like I described here and as is described in many online places as a Salt and Pepper Martini. It can even work substituted for regular vodka in juice drinks such as a Cape Cod for a unique kick in a sweet drink.

The Young Connoisseur’s review is excellent, and I agree with most of it, but I think a note about ice is due. Because Peppar really is spicy, it does well to be on ice. The ice mellows it and tries to fool the tongue into thinking the drink isn’t as spicy as it is. It works very well on ice.

My favorite thing about Peppar is the nose. The aroma reminds me of black pepper and bell peppers combined. Nice, indeed.

For some, however, I guess my wife may be right.

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