Beer Review: Left Hand’s Stranger American Pale Ale

Left Hand Brewing Company makes some fine beer. I was first introduced to them when I was sitting alone at my alma mater’s beer tavern, and I met this guy who knew my brother. He was quite a character, and he was drinking this interesting dark beer that he called a milk stout. That was six years ago, so I had never heard of a milk stout, but I tried one, and it was good. I have since ordered the Left Hand Milk Stout several times, most recently at Houston’s Ginger Man, where they have it on tap.

They had their beer on special at Spec’s today, so I bought a six-pack of the Stranger American Pale Ale, and tried one for the first time tonight. It’s good. The flavor is more malty and less hoppy than what I’m used to with pale ales, but the smell is great: a little bit of pine and a lot of malt. The head came out a few fingers, and the flavor is malty citrus.

It’s not my favorite American pale ale, but the overwhelming citrus makes it more interesting, too. There is a little bit of bitterness on the back end, especially as it warmed up, but overall, this is a great beer. 

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