The Oscar Night Drinking Game

The Academy Awards are almost here, so we need to have an Oscars drinking game to go along with them. The Oscars have always been a fun way to hang out with friends and drink champagne, so why not have a fun drinking game to help make fun of all of those celebrities?

A drinking game is fun and easy, but keep in mind that it’s not a way to get drunk. We don’t advocate getting drunk. It’s really just a game that involves paying attention and drinking whatever you’re comfortable with. It can be beer, champagne, or whatever. And when it says “take a drink,” do that. You don’t have to do a whole shot or anything like that. Just take a drink.

Feel free to comment with more ideas, and I will add them to the drinking game list.

Take a drink whenever: 

  • Anyone goes on too long in their speech and they have to be cut off.
  • Anyone trips on the stage.
  • Tom Hanks is nominated for a category.
  • Someone mentions gay marriage. 
  • Someone starts talking about a pet policy or political topic.
  • Someone mentions the civil war in Syria.
  • Someone mentions Afghanistan or Iraq.
  • Anyone says, “I didn’t prepare a speech”  or something like it.
  • A movie song is performed live and actually sounds good.
  • Someone cries.
  • Someone goes on about racism.
  • A washed up celebrity actually wins.
  • The host says something that is actually funny.
  • A presenter messes up a joke.
  • Someone jumps up and down or runs or jumps across the seats.
  • Someone stays seated as if they didn’t hear their name called. 
  • Someone asks, “What movie was he or she in?”
  • Someone presents wearing a silly costume.
  • It’s obvious that one of the presenters is ignoring the script or cue cards or whatever.  
  • Someone mentions Philip Seymour Hoffman (one of the world’s great actors, RIP)

Down your drink:

  • When a streaker goes across the stage.
  • When Tom Hanks wins again.
  • Whenever someone grabs a presenter and kisses him or her.

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