The Brooklynite in San Antonio: the Spring/Summer Cocktail Menu

The Brooklynite is one of San Antonio’s best cocktail bars, not just because they make damn fine drinks, but because Jeret Pena and Rob Gourlay take care of their customers. The last time I went in there, I don’t even think I asked for anything. They just kept bringing me great drinks. They know what their customers like, and they make drinks just for them.

The Brooklynite’s new menu sounds awesome. I like the mix of classic cocktails with super zany sounding house ones. Notice that they lean toward the unusual, with house made shrubs (vinegar drinks) and ingredients such as beet, carrots, fruity pebbles infused almond milk, and a mixture of bitters not normally found in bars. You can’t go wrong with a good East India or Pegu Club cocktail, sure, but be sure to try one of the others, too. Especially if it has thai basil.

Nice work, Brooklynite.

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