The Winter Stout: Hornitos Black Barrel, Averna, triple sec, Chocolate Bitters

The Winter Stout Cocktail
The Winter Stout Cocktail: Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila, Averna, triple sec, Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters

Sure, it’s still 75 degrees in Houston in December, but I feel for those dealing with actual winter weather, so I wanted to offer some camaraderie. You know, in the form of a cocktail.

For a winter Stay at Home original cocktail, I went for a variation on a Manhattan. Well, sort of. Purists would say I’m an idiot. After all, there’s no whiskey and no sweet vermouth. Hush, I say.

To make the Winter Stout Cocktail, combine with ice:

The Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila, which is aged in bourbon barrels, takes the place of the whiskey in the traditional Manhattan cocktail, the Averna acts like the sweet vermouth, and the triple sec is added for sweetness (if you are skeptical, check out my review of Speakeasy, the Employee’s Only cocktail book. They make their Manhattan with Cointreau added). Then add chocolate bitters, and you have the Winter Stout cocktail.

It’s perfect for cold nights. Sweet with some bitterness and savory flavors to boot. But it goes down smooth. If you’re struggling through a cold like I am right now, it’s perfect for that, too.20141215_111214[1]

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