Scotch Review: Ledaig 10 Year Single Malt

The Ledaig 10 Year
The Ledaig 10 Year Single Malt Scotch from the Tobermory Distillery

The Ledaig 10 year is the entry-level peated scotch from the Tobermory Distillery. From Spec’s, it is approximately $50, and it’s a good value at that, especially if you like slightly peated malts.

The bottle says that the Ledaig 10 year is “wonderfully peated,” and that sounds about right. There’s peat and smoke, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s not a Laphroaig or a Peat Monster. It’s there, but it isn’t all that’s there.

In fact, it looks and has the primary taste of any Speyside malt. There’s some pepper on the finish, but it’s primarily a vanilla malt flavor through the front end. Sure, there’s smoke all over, but it dissipates pretty quickly. I’m not sure how. Maybe my palette has gotten so used to smoky scotches that I hardly notice anymore, but this one really is “wonderfully peated.”

In my book, a fine scotch. Definitely worth $50.

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