The Venerable Mojito

I’m a sucker for sours. Add mint to the mix, and I’m in love. The Mojito was, in fact, one of the drinks that made me fall in love with cocktails.

I was young, and I was in Mexico, at an all-inclusive place. After a long flight, a long bus ride, and a terrible check-in process, I made my way to the first bar past the service counter. I asked for a Mojito, and the guy handed me something that made the entire trip worth it.

The next day I realized that these all-inclusive places really skimped on the liquor, so I began asking for liquor “derecha,” which I hope meant “on the right.” In other words, I wanted more liquor. I kept asking bartenders for “mas tequila” or “mas rum,” and then finally one said something to the effect of “ah, tequila derecha!” When I said those magic words, they would bring me my drink along with a shot of the liquor in question on the right of the drink. So all I had to do was pour the shot into the drink, and voila! it was a decent cocktail. 

But back to the Mojito.

Muddle together

  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 1/2 oz (or less. I generally just put a splash) of simple syrup
  • a lot of mint

Then add 2 oz of rum and shake well with ice. Strain all of that into a rocks glass, add a sprig of mint, and a lime wheel, and you’re in heaven. It’s like a spicy margarita. A fragrant sour. A dreamy capirinha.

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