Cafe Royal: Chartreuse, Coffee, Sugar

It’s 26 degrees in Houston, and that’s insanity. The best thing about Houston is that it never gets cold…except for the last few days. Sure, we brave 100+ temperatures for a few weeks during the summer, but the winter is a breeze…except for the last few days. Thank goodness we have hot cocktails to help us through the blizzard. Enter the Cafe Royal.

Making a Cafe Royal cocktail is easy. First, just make a whole pot of coffee the morning before, but make sure you leave a little bit to make your drink that night. Ah, screw it. Drink the whole pot of coffee and then make a little more that night.

In your Irish Coffee glass, put one sugar cube and a barspoon of Yellow Chartreuse. I admit that I fudged here. I don’t keep Yellow Chartreuse, so I used Green Chartreuse. I understand that the yellow version is not as overpowering, but I still like the drink with the green, so I would recommend that, too. Mix the sugar and the Chartreuse, and then pour in your coffee.

It’s that simple. One sugar cube, one spoon of Chartreuse, and coffee.

It won’t get you drunk, but it will warm you up.

For those wondering, I got the recipe from the Bartender’s Guide…By Trader Vic.  

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