Beer Review: The Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

A few months ago, my buddy sent me this text:

Keep your eyes peeled for a “Ballast Point” IPA called “Sculpin.” Damn good.

A few weeks later, he brought over a six-pack of the stuff, and it was good. But it wasn’t amazing. And it wasn’t worth writing or texting about.

The Ballast Point Sculpin IPA at Pink’s Pizza. Yes, they have 40 taps.

But then I went to Pink’s Pizza and they had it on tap. And I couldn’t resist. Even though it was lunch time. To hell with work, I said! And ordered one.

Oh my, the Ballast Point Scuplin IPA may now be my favorite beer. It is so different on tap that it almost doesn’t taste like the same beer. No, it’s not a Texas beer, but I guess I can enjoy a good San Diego beer, too. Heck, I will enjoy good beer wherever I find it.

The Sculpin IPA is bright and bubbly, effervescent with hints of metal and grapefruit. Yes, that sounds odd as I write it, but that’s what it is. It’s the metallic taste that I love, almost like it has picked up shards of copper from the still. Wait, that doesn’t sound good. But trust me, it is. And then the citrus hits you, too.

For an IPA, there isn’t a lot of hoppy bitterness, but just a little that lingers on the very back end. It’s more of a grapefruit bitterness, anyway. Very pleasant. The malt comes through, as well, but it’s secondary to the metal and grapefruit.

I may change my mind whenever I go to a bar and find my new favorite beer, but for now, I’m willing to say it’s Ballast Point’s Sculpin IPA. 

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