Texas Cocktail News, June 13, 2014

Floradora from Half Step
The Floradora from Half-Step. http://www.austinchronicle.com/daily/food/2014-06-06/half-step-garners-top-industry-nom/
  • Austin bar nominated for 2014 Spirited Awards. Half-Step was nominated for Best New Bar. I know my next destination when I’m in Austin!
  • It’s Cinco de Mayo! If you’re late celebrating Cinco de Mayo, here’s an article from DMagazine in Dallas that highlights some non-margarita drinks. Hell, even if it’s not Cinco de Mayo, a good drink is always a good drink. And these look good.
  • New bar in Austin, TX. The Pleasant Storage Room is a Cuban inspired bar that opened near the end of April. Yes, I’m a little late. But rum drinks and ceviche? Yes, please. There’s another review here, which focuses on the spot’s punches.
  • Is there a beer bubble? San Antonio Express’s Markus Haas says that there may be too many brewers, and some of the craft brewers crank out some bad beer. So we need to be honest with them so they can fix brews that may be inferior.
  • You missed American Craft Beer Week? Houston had some great events with some great beer. I did miss the Houston Press BeerFest, but I still drank some good beer. This Dallas home brewing festival looks awesome, especially with a jalapeno saison from On-Rotation. There’s always next year.
  • Racism in Texas bars. Some patrons who were turned away from Kung Fu Saloons in Dallas, Austin, and Houston have alleged that racism was the real reason. Heck, I kind of like the blue sneakers this guy is wearing.
  • A new brewery in Denton is on its way. I always welcome an audacious Texas brewery. By the way, the article says that the new brewery will use equipment bought from Diamond Bear Brewery in Little Rock, AR. I’ve been there and enjoyed their beer. Their IPA is one of the best out there. One of the reasons I love beer. 
  • Did you miss Negroni Week? Lots of Texas bars participated--from Houston to Austin to San Antonio to Dallas. Next year, remember, they give $1 to charity for every Negroni they sell. That’s a giving event I’ll drink to!
  • It’s beer brunch! I love the idea of dropping the mimosas and having a few beers out of a coffee mug. Thank, Rogness Brewing!


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