Top Beach Drinks Around the World and The Pogues on Mekhong Whiskey

Below is an interesting infographic made by Couples Resorts that features the “Top Beach Drinks Around the World.” I don’t know much about beach drinks from other countries, I admit. Hell, I don’t much about beach drinks from the U.S., so I can’t verify that these are actually the top beach drinks. For myself, I know I don’t drink Mai Tais at the beach, although I have consumed a Cape Cod at the beach. And I live in Houston, not Massachusetts.  But that’s beside the point.

Some of the signature drinks sound pretty good, too. But I am probably most interested in the Thai drink called Sabai Sabai that uses mekhong (or mekong). If you’re not familiar with the stuff, like I wasn’t, it sounds great. It’s called a whiskey, but it’s more similar to a rum that is infused with herbs. Tasty.

And Mekhong is mentioned several times on the great Pogues album Hell’s Ditch, including this song, “Sayonara.” The chorus, just in case you have trouble understanding good ole Shane MacGowan, is

Ooh, she gave me mekhong whiskey

Ooh, she gave me Hong Kong flu

Ooh, she gave me mekhong whiskey

Put me on a breeze to Katmandu.

Genius, that is.

Top Beach Drinks Around the World - Infographic by Couples Resorts
See popular beach drinks from around the globe as well as a few beachy cocktail recipes in this new infographic by Couples Resorts.

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