Two stories from Quartz–The family tree of beer and the cocktail calculator

Two fascinating stories on Quartz this week. If you’re not familiar with Quartz, they’re a digital news organization owned by the same company that owns the Atlantic monthly. They have their own news people, but they also conglomerate and change stories reported in other outlets. It’s good stuff.

The family tree of beer

The family tree of beer. From Quartz,

They report on the family tree of beer here, and what is most interesting is that AB InBev is rumored to be talking to SABMiller about acquiring the entire company. That means that AB InBev would brew about 20% of the world’s beer. Wow.

We knew some of this information before, especially from the great Time article on the subject, but I didn’t know some of it. Stella Artois owned by AB InBev? I had no idea.

The cocktail calculator

They also have a cocktail calculator based on and inspired by what Jeffrey Morganthaler did in his “How to take inventory and calculate pour cost” post. The calculator is fun to peruse but not exactly accurate in all cases. Who puts 6 ounces of liquor in a Negroni, after all? And don’t get caught up in the markup, either. That bar deserves $12 for a Negroni. There’s a lot more going on there than just pour cost.

But that’s also why we have Stay at Home Cocktails!

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