How to make the Fall Reduction–Bourbon, vermouth, apple brandy, ginger liqueur

The Fall Reduction Cocktail
The Fall Reduction: Everything about fall, reduced. Whiskey, sweet vermouth, ginger liqueur, apple brandy

After drinking a few delicious Karbachtoberfests, I wanted to create a drink for fall, and I immediately thought of the Manhattan.

Seriously, the Manhattan reminds me of fall. It’s warming and has all the goodness of spice and everything nice. After all, it got down to nearly 45 degrees in Houston last night. I need something to warm me. And my wife just doesn’t cut it.

Thus, the Fall Reduction. Don’t worry, there’s no actual reduction, as in simmering something until it loses half of its volume. This reduction is more metaphorical. As in, I have successfully reduced fall to its most basic elements. Kind of like Picasso and the guitar. That’s what it is. It’s a guitar…reduced. Made basic. Made into a few of its simple elements. Look at the guitar below. It looks like a guitar, yes, but it has been made simple, broken down into its discrete elements. That’s cubism, sure, but it’s also a reduction (and not a negative one!).

Pablo Picasso, "Guitar." The guitar...reduced.
Pablo Picasso, “Guitar.”

To make the Fall Reduction Cocktail, combine with ice:

Stir until well chilled, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

The result, The Fall Reduction, is an overly spiced Manhattan because of the ginger liqueur that is slightly sweeter and fruitier than the original. The apple adds only hints, and it pairs well with the ginger and vermouth.

So on a blustery fall day, whether it gets down to 45 degrees or 25 degrees (Celsius, that is), enjoy the Fall Reduced. Apples and spice and everything nice.

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