The new pop-up cocktail menu at the Beaufort Bar in the Savoy London hotel

I just can’t get enough of this amazing new cocktail menu. I have written before about great cocktail menus, including the Dead Rabbit’s graphic novel menu, but this one takes the cake.

It’s actually a pop-up book. I love it.

I have always been fascinated with pop-up books. When I saw that Maurice Sendak had come out with a pop-up book, Mommy?, I immediately bought it for my daughter who was way too young at the time. I read it to her every night. When she started pulling on the pictures, I would take it away and put it on a high shelf. She would try to get at it, but I wouldn’t let her. That’s how much I love pop-up books. Even more than my own daughters.

And now there’s a pop-up book about my favorite thing, cocktails. How can I beat that? I guess if Maurice Sendak designed it. But the Beaufort Bar at the Savoy London’s version is pretty damn good.

You can see the video advertising it, which is included above, but there’s a design site that has the most pictures, Fast Company.¬† Check out a sampling of the new book below. All of the pictures are from the Fast Company site.

Marlene Dietrich? I’ll take that cocktail any day.
It’s always jazzy at the Savoy London.
A giant Ernest Hemingway staring at me as I ponder whether I want a daiquiri? Now that’s cool!

I just got Death and Co.’s new book yesterday, and I think they¬† should have made it into a pop-up book. I mean, the book is gorgeous and all, but let’s get real. Pop-up books. They’re a thing.

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