Love the Dutch Cocktail: Berenburg, Old Tom Gin, Triple Sec, lemon juice

Love the Dutch!
Berenburg and the Love the Dutch cocktail: Berenburg, Old Tom Gin, triple sec lemon juice

My Dutch friend gave me a bottle of Berenburg, and this stuff has become a bit of an obsession of mine. I’ve never seen it in the U.S., and my local Spec’s store doesn’t have it, so if anyone knows where it’s possible to get this stuff, please let me know.

What is Berenburg?

It’s genever steeped in herbs and bottled at 30%  alcohol by volume. That sums it up, too. It’s just slightly sweet, and very herbaceous, most similar to a jagermeister or an amaro or even like Chartreuse but without the Chartreuse sweetness or alcohol content. Some people classify it as a bitter.  But it’s its own animal, mind you. Imagine a really flavorful, herbaceous gin, beyond the most herbaceous one you can think of, and you will have an idea. Hell, it’s actually gin (genever, but whatever) steeped in herbs. That’s twice with the herbs, people!

The Love the Dutch Cocktail

When I say I have been obsessed with Berenburg, it’s that I have been obsessed with trying to mix with it. To make a cocktail that highlights it.

And, after many tries, I think I’ve succeeded. I call it the Love the Dutch Cocktail, in opposition to Michael Caine in Goldmember (skip to 1:50 in this clip). Also because, well, some Dutch nurses saved my life last year when I was dying in the jungles of Guatemala. But that’s another story.

To make a Love the Dutch Cocktail, combine with ice

and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

It’s the Berenburg and triple sec that work well together. That was the revelation for me. The gin is filler, and the lemon just evens everything out. That’s why I went for an Old Tom Gin. I would NOT use a full-on herb gin like Botanist or Hendricks or anything like that. A London dry gin could work, though.

It all works to cut through the Berenburg flavor and enhance its herbal qualities at the same time.

So if someone gives you a bottle of Berenburg or you find one in the store, you now know what to do with it. You can drink it on ice or with Sprite or cola like the Dutch do, or you can really love the Dutch and make a Love the Dutch cocktail.


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  1. If/when you post this to FB tag Jon Hart in a comment. He can find almost anything in NYC, and he has distributor connections if it is really hard to find.

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