The Mexican Martini recipe: a Margarita with olives

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Yes, I know. And I agree, don’t worry. I understand, yes, that the Mexican (or Texas, sometimes) Martini may just be the stupidest cocktail in the world. I understand that even calling it a Mexican Martini is like calling beans and cilantro “Texas caviar.” It’s just dumb.

But then why are they so delicious? Huh? Why can I quaff three of them and enjoy every minute of it? They are oh-so-good.

I first had one a few years ago when my friends met up at the local chain Chuy’s, which started in Austin, I believe, but has now migrated not only to Houston but all over the freakin’ United States, it seems like.

Chuy’s has decent food, but I tend to like tacquerias, not Tex Mex. Still, I like my friends, so I went. And they were all drinking what they called Mexican Martinis. I hung my head in shame at the silliness of my friends and their low-brow drinking habits.

Until I tried it.

And thus ordered one.

And then another.

But now I know better than to order these $12 drinks. And now that you have the recipe, you can know better, too.

How to make a Mexican Martini

To make your own Mexican Martini cocktail, combine in a shaker with ice:

shake well, and strain into a chilled glass that has been rimmed with lime and kosher salt, if you like. Garnish with an olive or two and a lime wedge.

Like I said, it’s really just a big margarita with some olives.

But damn, it works.

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